We have the keys!

August 25th .. WE HAVE THE KEYS!!

After many years, yes years, of fantasizing about owning our own studio, we finally have the keys to Aspen Six. It’s been a whirlwind, after receiving the keys a month earlier than planned. We had a matter of weeks to furnish and decorate the studio, on a budget.. A tight budget at that!

Two frugal middle aged photographers, scouring the charity shops, upcycling everything to suit our style and create a studio space suitable for a variety of photographs. Everything was slowly beginning to take shape, many trips back and forth bringing our years worth of hoarding together, it’s quite worrying the amount of bizarre props we’ve kept over the years, but we have a studio… a very full, messy studio but a studio nonetheless.

The next challenge, putting the backdrops up. Simple task, or so you may think. Over 5 hours later, plenty of YouTube videos and frustration, we managed to get one up successfully, only to discover it wasn’t long enough.

Back in the car to pick up another backdrop. 

Not sure how legal this is but who needs a man with a van when you can have two birds in a Corsa. Success, we have a backdrop! 

Now to rebuild the woodland set, this was another logistical nightmare. We will have some craft blogs to follow, documenting our set building process!

Lets wrap this blog post up, as we have finally announced on social media that Aspen Six opened last weekend (29/9/18) and since posting we have been inundated with requests and bookings. 

As shoots don’t book themselves I will have to continue blogging at a later date, but fear not, follow us on social media for more behind the scenes photos. 

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